The College Admissions Game!

“No word yet on what it means for long-term happiness to find out your parents lied to get you into college in the first place.” Alyssa Nadworny, Anya Kamenetz, NPRharvardpublicopinionpoll_slide-d3ed78f4d5be590079e11892dfab66b07c154adf-s800-c85.jpg

This latest news about the College Admissions Scandal sends the worst possible message to unwitting children who had no idea what their parents were doing: You might not be enough, so we are making it happen for you. We cannot prepare the path for the child; we truly must prepare each child for the path!

Here are two interesting viewpoints from today’s headlines from NPR Report and  The Atlantic.


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Simon Sinek at NAIS

“We have to learn to lead for the game we are in.”

How do you lead in the infinite game? you advance within the infinite game, you do not win.

Simon Sinek’s message: What does it mean to live an infinite life?

Why is an infinite mindset the right one for schools?

  1. just cause: reason to come to work; the reason your school exists; mission so compelling.
  2. trusting teams: the people who work there love what they are doing; being honest about one what needs; circle of safety; lying, hiding, faking vs, asking for help, saying there is a stress at home and I need help; talking
  3. worthy rival: as good or better than you at what you do; they make you better; who you admire so you can be better and better; rivalry is good; competition is not,
  4. capacity for existential flexibility: infinite mindset vs. finite mindset; a surprise is an opportunity
  5. courage to lead: communicate constantly what you believe; attract people who believe what you believe and turn away those that do not;

This is HARD; it’s uncertain; this work is a process, not an event; becoming an infinite-minded leader means agreeing to be on a journey of constant improvement; it’s not finite; it’s a lifestyle.


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Shiza Shahid: finding the path of your own greatest impact…


Shiza Shahid is a force! She, too, has a compelling personal story that had an unplanned and amazing intersection with Malala. What an inspiring speaker and thinker who is focused on making an impact in the world, and making sure that we are all also making an impact.


“Teaching is a calling and an act of service.”

“I would not have been here without scholarships.”

“My parents made the commitment that, no matter the cost, their children would have an education.”

“When you empower a woman, through micro loans, she reinvests in her community and helps lift it out of poverty.”

“We are all fundamentally shaped by our cultures, our families, our circumstances.”

“In Silicon Valley my classmates wanted to create apps to take care of problems that their mothers used to take care of. ”



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Tearing Down Walls: Building Leadership Capacity for Women.

Listening to three female educators and one consultant discuss women in independent schools. This is a conversation about internal conversations and self-doubt that is important for women.

“Ask for open feedback about your challenges and how you can get mentoring to zero in on specific traits.”

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The Connection between Innovation and Diversity… Frans Johansson


My favorite FRANS JOHANSSON quotes:

Schools have to prepare students for a world that is constantly innovating and challenging

We tend to think that deep expertise is the key to success.

All new ideas are combinations of current ideas.

What assumptions are we making about what it means to be a school, to educate students and to prepare them for the future.

Draw inspiration from fields and cultures that are different from your own.

Rather than look at “best practice” in your area, look at best practice in other areas.

Create diverse teams.

Place More Bets, try more ideas. Diverse teams come up with more ideas.

Use Diversity to DRIVE Creativity and Innovation.



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So we do not have Anderson Cooper! But we have an upgrade to Viola Davis as our opening speaker!


My top 13 Viola Davis quotes.

“It was the sort of poverty that makes you feel invisible. I left home for school every day either hiding or angry.”

“You find and become yourself when you find who you were messily, uncomfortably who you were born to be. ”

“When the only way out is in your mind and you do not see it, it is hard to master that within yourself.”

“Sometimes the dragons that you slay are not dragons at all, but it’s you. You get in the way.”

“The two most important dates in your life are the day you were born and the day your realize why you were born.”

“We need sacred spaces of healing and sharing and education.”

“Courage is fear, said with prayers.”

“If you’re afraid to dive, dive afraid.”

‘The elixir is the owning of my story.”

“The only thing I can give the world is me.”

“My life has been the culmination of great adventures, but the greatest adventures have been the personal.”

“Embracing of one’s self than parents, educators, administrators and independent schools. There is an assault on individuality.”

“Fear and failure are part of your success.”


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#NAISAC Let the games begin…

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.37.56 AM

Brief opening film about a satellite campus model for independent schools. I am totally intrigued by the Winchendon-Brooklyn satellite campus model. Interesting! The model seems worth exploring! Re-imagining schools? Maybe!


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