The importance of free play for executive function in our youngest learners…

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At Seven Hills, we are preserving the importance of early childhood education. Our Reggio Inspired program is an amazing opportunity for children to develop so many skills they need for their elementary years and beyond. These two links underscore some of these important connections.

free play = executive function!

the importance of early childhood education


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Bedtime stories about race for young children


This is a book a have read the last two years to our youngest students at Seven Hills, Thanks for this link, Mrs. Miller, about what books parents can read to children at bedtime about race!

Bedtime stories about race

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Top Ten Skills for Middle School Students!


Top 10 Skills for Middle School Students!

This is a great list, very thorough, and completely accurate for middle schoolers!


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And our new year begins…


Our faculty and staff began last week with the solar eclipse; the students arrived this week and, we are off! Here’s to a great 2017-18 school year!

Here’s to a great 2017-18!

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Chores at home… everyone can contribute


Some great suggestions for helping children develop a sense of responsibility, incrementally, for their world.

summer chores for children: teaching responsibility at home


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Reading? Go for it!


Some great opportunities here to think about the power of reading… And what better time to look at reading? Summer!


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Admissions Strategy! Attending AISAP…


I feel fortunate to be attending the AISAP Annual Institute with our Admissions Team, Susanne Goldman and Rebecca Cushing. We are hearing many important messages Including:

  • the role of “love” coaching and building programs
  • the value of intrinsic rewards over extrinsic rewards
  • the need to share the “value added” of our schools
  • the ways the college admissions process is following the admissions process of many independent schools: focusing on character, fit and core values of our schools

I look forward to putting our Strategic Thinking together and bringing information back to campus!

Happy Summer!

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