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Sleep Matters!

There is amazing validity to paying attention to quantity AND quality of sleep! SLEEP 2015: consolidated research on the importance of sleep for children and their growing brains

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Seven Hills meets NAIS Inspiration Lab!

See our first ever posting on the NAIS Inspiration Lab! Thanks, Rhys Miller, for getting us launched. Enjoy!

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Alfie Kohn on questions

  The power of inquiry and all the questions young children ask!! Alfie Kohn on questions!

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The intersection continues… a former student, her ultra running and her fame…

A former student, Mirna Valerio, continues to tear it up gaining increasing attention for her running, coaching, and modeling by doing (read running) as an independent school educator, a cross country coach, a mother and author of a running blog. … Continue reading

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The Power of Stories: Seven Hills Guest Storyteller, Muriel Johnson…

On Friday, September 18, The Seven Hills Lower School hosted our annual Reading Celebration, a moment where we celebrate the summer reading accomplishments of our youngest¬†students. Students log their summer reading and a final tally is shared on this day: … Continue reading

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Must Read Picture Books for the Fall of 2015

Since we know there is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to reading to young children, telling stories and promoting literacy, even in very young children, by allowing them to listen to language, here is a great … Continue reading

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Raising a Daughter? Handle with Care- Especially when she’s fourteen….Chicago Tribune, by Elizabeth Egan

No truer words were ever spoken. So much of this applies to my experience with my own mother and then as a mother to my 24 year old daughter, Hannah. And I also learned so very much from each of … Continue reading

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