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Reading? Go for it!

Some great opportunities here to think about the power of reading… And what better time to look at reading? Summer!  

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Sometimes the best thing you can say to your students is NO.

There are some great reminders in here about parenting for the long haul! This parenting thing is a marathon, not a sprint! Why saying NO to children sometimes can have benefits in childhood development  

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Rudeness at home… parenting blog

Some great tips in here for parents at all ages and stages… Why is my otherwise polite child so rude at home? Washington Post On Parenting Blog

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How do we talk to our children about the election?

This has been a week of election chatter and deciding what and when to discuss with children .his remains a very useful resource. Common Sense Media: Kids and the Election 2016

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Empathy and Kindness, now more than ever…

  How to foster empathy and kindness in children This article in the Washington Post is timely as we help children navigate not only their own relationships, but watch the tenor of the presidential election this fall, and sometimes even … Continue reading

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The question about errands…

I related to this blog post on so many levels. At Seven Hills, I have been talking to our parents about making their own learning visible, about letting children see their executive function in action. Growing up the oldest of … Continue reading

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Helping children thrive by coaching their parents… interesting results

Coaching Parents over time has great impact on students’ development This study reinforces the notion that parents can have a profound impact when they actively engage their children…    

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