That’s a wrap!

On our final day in Japan, we visited the Meiji Shrine.


Then we headed off to Tokyo Dome City for some fun: ice cream, lunch and some rides!


It was a fun-filled final day and all are back home and settled!

Thanks, Class of 2017, for a great trip!

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All onboard, we are on our way to SFO!

Locked and loaded onto plane!

How we pass the time in the airport!

See you all soon!

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Farewell Party and Morning Goodbyes!

We have said farewell twice! Once Sunday evening and once Monday morning as we waved goodbye to weeping host families!

It was great to have our board chair, Sameer Hilal, present to meet the Kita City officials as the trip moves into February for 2018 and becomes part of the school year program! 

And James gave a great closing speech!


It’s a bit rainy as we head off to the Meiji Shrine and Tokyo Dome City, but the rain promises to stop soon! Then we are off to Narita Airport for the flight home. 

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Iwai Overnight with great (hot) weather!


There was a group cooking activity, yummy curry dinner, sleeping in a traditional Japanese hotel, morning exercises on the beach and a stop for lunch on the way back to Tokyo. We also celebrated Charlie’s birthday!

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Last Day of School Visits and off to Iwai!

Each group had a different school visit and adventure on Friday. This crew visited a junior high school and learned a traditional dance.


Then we were off to Iwai.

There are lots more photos on Vidigami… to be continued…

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 School Visits!

Today we did our small group school visits. There was kindergarten cuteness. Elementary school calligraphy and origami and 6th grade Marching Band and Dodge Ball! Another great day!




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Highlights from Wednesday: Tokyo Tour Day in the pouring rain!!

We visited the Tokyo Sky Tree, did a driving tour around the Imperial Palace, visited Asakusa and the oldest temple in Tokyo, and then had lunch and wandered around Harajuku and Takeshita Street for lunch and shopping. All this in sometimes torrential rain! We survived and despite being wet, had a great day!

During lunch, the teachers found a delicious ramen shop


And then the teachers happened upon the Hedgehog Café! Looking for a retreat from the rain, we were not disappointed!

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