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Hiroshima! February 19

We have just arrived…

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Japan 2018: February 18 Leaving Tokyo for Kyoto

We bade farewell to host families early on a cold morning ( we have been so lucky with the weather!)

We boarded the metro and then the bullet train to continue our adventure…

And arrived in Kyoto for lunch, crafts and a visit to the Heien Shrine and gardens…

Then we checked into our Kyoto hotel, went to dinner and had our planning meeting for the next day. They told us our meeting room was called the Chapel but we had no idea we would be meeting in the hotel’s wedding chapel, complete with piped in music. There was a lot of giggling while Reverend Roquet described our next day’s itinerary.

Tomorrow: Hiroshima!

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Japan 2018: Day 7 Tokyo Dome City and Farewell Party

A great final day with host friends!

Lots of rides

And a fun party

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Japan 2018: February 16- Last Day of School Visits

Today was a big day with many opportunities for a fun time in classes. Dissecting a squid in junior high school? Check. Basketball tournament in a lower school? Check. Walking on stilts? Check. Signing Autographs? Check. Calligraphy? Check.

A great final day of school visits with all of our 8th graders discussing their expereinces and what they learned.

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Japan 2018: February 15, 2018- School Visits

Another great day! Many groups spent time at elementary schools today with lots of cuteness. And there is nothing like an 8th grader feeling like a rock star in front of a bunch of first graders!



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Japan 2018 Tokyo Day 4: School Visits in Small Groups

Today, each group visited a different school, two groups to Junior High Schools and two groups to Elementary schools. Music, English, PE, Art, Technology, Judo, Koto training were just some of the options on the various itineraries.

There was also Ikibane: flower arranging.


and some jump rope (just like Jump Rope for Heart Back home!


It was a full and fun day, with teachers checking in at the beginning and end of day back at the Kita City Offices.

Some of the students were part of chorus practice. They are getting ready for graduation in March.

In the evening, the teachers had dinner with the officials from the Board of Education. We reflected on the evolution of our program with the move to February and the growth in the number of students attending. Another wonderful day of connections in the books.

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