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Washington Post on Play!

There is mounting evidence that allowing children to play and sort out their mini squabbles is great training for problem solving in the short and long terms. The more adults intervene, the more the message implied becomes “You can’t seem … Continue reading

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Gratitude:the right recipe? Is there such a thing as too much gratitude?

I think there is no down side in cultivating gratitude in ourselves and in our students. Making them aware of the fact that their families all sacrifice in some way to send them to our school; looking at models of … Continue reading

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Teaching Traditional Ethics in Japanese Schools?

 I have recently become a student of all things Japanese, largely thanks to our Seven Hills Japanese Exchange Program. This is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about culture clashes (between the generations) in Japan. As we prepare … Continue reading

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How can we send the messages we want to our children without confusing motives?

I enjoyed one mother’s sardonic assessment of the situation where children want to play rather than earn a little money or help out a neighbor. Notice, though, that college admissions is still a part of many a threat, even for … Continue reading

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