We are living in strange times

Rear view of boy and girl carrying umbrella on street

These are strange times. No matter your political beliefs or your ability to absorb the twenty-four hour news cycle, these are strange times. I find myself at loose ends much more since the start of the New Year, searching for purpose and making sure I can lay my head on my pillow at night feeling that I am still doing more good than harm. I find that I am actively working on maintaining my belief that life is not a zero sum game. I do not have to win at someone else’s expense. I am able to do well and promote good without needing to put someone else down. Right? I’m checking in with myself more about this lately. And so I get drawn back to empathy. I am convinced that practicing and teaching empathy is our way forward. This has some great pointers for that purpose:

How to Raise Empathetic Kids… Real Simple Magazine

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