Japan Day #13 school day and farewell assembly

Students went to school today with their hosts and then we all met at the Kita city offices today for our Farewell Assembly with the host families.

During the day the chaperones had the chance to visit the Tokyo Sky Tree and have a little fun seeing the city from amazing heights. Yes, it was clear, but not quite clear enough to see Mt. Fuji.

We agreed that watching the window washers on the outside of the sky tree made us recalculate what it means to “work” for a living.

On to the farewell assembly… one last version of the school song:

Lots of speeches and farewells; Jacob and Lauren did a great job. I did give the beginning portion of my speech in Japanese! Huzzah! It was a lovely closing!

IMG_0684 IMG_0688 IMG_0690

The we took our leave and students had one final night with their families.

Chaperones had one final dinner and a small visit to a local karaoke establishment. What’s a trip to Tokyo without Karaoke?


No evidence of this visit, but definitely a renewed respect for Gladys Knight and the Pips has been reborn…

One last day of touring Tokyo!

That’s all for now…




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