Japan Day #10: half day school visit, then IWAI

The morning was spent at our various schools having one more visit. Some groups had assemblies and did performances; others took classes and learned more about language and culture. Volleyball, group dances, origami, tea ceremonies and delicious school lunches.

Jon Copeland’s quote of the lunch hour:

This is way better than choice lunch!

Lunch has been a little different at each school. Today was rice with Sunn Ma, a very moist grilled fish, miso soup, pickled salad, milk and an apple jello-like dessert. These are lunches made on site by kitchen staff; each day . They are healthy and delicious!

IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2451 IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2523 IMG_2524 IMG_2525 IMG_2526 IMG_2530 IMG_2533 IMG_2535 IMG_2536 IMG_0515 IMG_0500

We arrived in IWAI late afternoon. We are about 90 minutes from Tokyo by the sea. This is a traditional Japanese hotel and very beautiful. We had a delicious curry meal prepared by the students and then had the option of a traditional Japanese bath.

IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_2586 IMG_2617 IMG_2616 IMG_2615 IMG_2614 IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2610 IMG_2609 IMG_2608 IMG_2607 IMG_2582 IMG_2578IMG_2678IMG_2677IMG_2674IMG_2673IMG_2672IMG_2671IMG_2668IMG_2667IMG_2665IMG_2664IMG_2662IMG_2661IMG_2659IMG_2655IMG_2653IMG_2652IMG_2645IMG_2643IMG_2642IMG_2641IMG_2639IMG_2638IMG_2634IMG_2632IMG_2630IMG_2627IMG_2626IMG_2622IMG_2621IMG_2620IMG_2617IMG_2616IMG_2615IMG_2614IMG_2613IMG_2612

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