The question about errands…


I related to this blog post on so many levels. At Seven Hills, I have been talking to our parents about making their own learning visible, about letting children see their executive function in action. Growing up the oldest of five, I cannot recount how many times all five of us were in tow at the local Shop Rite. My mother considered it a successful outing if her list was written in row of the aisles and she only had to drive her carts through once. Yes, I said carts. Two carts for two weeks worth of groceries for a family of seven. Amazing.

As I got older, my job was to make everyone;s lunch on a school night. Two sandwiches each for the oldest two of my four brothers and two sandwiches for my father. One each for the rest of us. So nine sandwiches per night was pretty much an entire loaf of wonder bread, along with a pound of bologna. Six lunch bags, a piece of fruit and some sort of sweet treat: models, cupcakes, twinkles. I knew pretty early on the world did not revolve around any of us…

This post gives me pause… love it!

Maybe we should bring errands back… Huff Post Blog


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