Washington Post Parenting Blog on Connecting with your teen!


I definitely can trace the history of my own life through a soundtrack of my own choosing. I have always felt connected to music and have firm opinions about “my music” and the periods of my life that this music represents. I have music for sad times and happy times, dance music and thinking deeply music. And with the advent of playlists, I can, and have, literally customized music for various moments in my days and weeks. So, needless to say, I love the possibility of connection here with one’s children, especially teenage children, through music. The exchange of music, like an exchange of ideas, is pivotal. Since my own children connect through music as well, this is a no brainer for me, as a parent. I am learning a lot, about them and about myself! I am learning I can be close minded, think rap. I am learning that music can lift my mood and set the tone. Try it.

Washington Post parenting blog: how parents of the 80s can connect with their kids…



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