New York Times on children and food and school lunches…


Not surprisingly, American kids, whether pressed for time or just grossed out, leave much of their meals untouched; particularly neglected are the fruits and vegetables, which they are now forced to put on their trays before they can exit the cafeteria line.

In my 27 years in Independent Schools, I have seen schools and families fret over what to feed children during the school day. There are some interesting points in here about what feeds children’s bodies and brains, before, during and after school. There is also some information about eating habits beginning at the earliest ages.

The more we can engage students in understanding the food cycle, from seed to table, the better. At Seven Hills, children can and do learn

  • how to eat mindfully
  • how to nourish their bodies
  • how to make healthy choices
  • where food waste can go (the compost bucket)

Ms. van Wert is helping them by using the lunchroom as a classroom. We still have more work to do, but it is a good start. Food for thought!

School Lunches?

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an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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