The Power of Stories: Seven Hills Guest Storyteller, Muriel Johnson…

Muriel Johnson

On Friday, September 18, The Seven Hills Lower School hosted our annual Reading Celebration, a moment where we celebrate the summer reading accomplishments of our youngest students. Students log their summer reading and a final tally is shared on this day:

691 hours, 871 books and 32,218 pages to be exact.

Included in this day were guest readers in all of the classrooms and a guest storyteller to kick off the day. Muriel Johnson Muriel Johnson, master story teller! is one of the most talented performers of this genre I have seen engage children so skillfully. They were captivated by her stories, the call and response, and the cultural overtones and sound effects of her talents. She was a big hit!

As I had the chance to be a guest reader later on throughout the day, the best responses I got were to a new children’s book entitled: The Bear at Your Sandwich, by Julia Sarcone-Roach, and a couple of old faithfuls that I love reading: This is Not My Hat and Have You Seen My Hat?, both by Jon Klassen. It was a great day.

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