As we gear up for a new school year, I find this post is helpful to me, as an educator AND as a parent…


There is no denying, in the world of a 24 hour news cycle and social media opinions everywhere, that the ability to doubt one’s own parenting skills is never ending. I love this piece in the Motherlode blog because it helps us hold up a mirror for ourselves: we have seen the enemy and it is us!

My parents were by no means perfect, as people or as parents. But they were not driving around with bumper stickers on their car worried about what people thought about whether we were honors students or what school we went to. I need to remember for myself and to remind us all that we need to put blinders on and just focus on the journey for each child. Is this the right fit? Is he/she thriving? Can they ask for what they need? The rest is just window dressing. Thanks,  for the reminders!

Motherlode: helping parents stop hovering?

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an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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