Closure: beginnings and endings…

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I love the rituals of schools. At TPS graduation last week, as I graduated with the Class of 2015, I gave a little bit of advice.

To our departing 8th graders and all our Freshmen, some advice:

As you depart this graduation ceremony, remember who you are

what we have taught you and that you ALWAYS represent Tuxedo Park School no matter where you go.

Be your best versions of yourselves wherever you are attending school. Know that we are watching you and so proud of you and

that you are paving the way for those who will follow.

And I have four pieces of advice

  1. Always be kind, fair and responsible. Those core values will serve you well in high school and in life.
  2. Always display gratitude for what you have. Many of your future schoolmates have NOT had the love and nurturing and support that you have had here at TPS. Be generous and extend yourselves to them, all of them.
  3. Make sure you try one new thing within the first month of school. It may open your eyes and your horizons to something you had not even dreamed you could do.
  4. Remember this is your home and you can ALWAYS come back to Tuxedo Park School.

As I graduate with you, I promise to do the same.

About Kathleen McNamara Head's Up!

an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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