Our history comes alive…

In preparation for the Tuxedo Park School exhibit this fall at the Tuxedo Historical Society, we have been conducting interviews and creating digital archives with various TPS alumni. This happened all day long on Alumni Day, June 9. Tuesday, I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Alex Salm, class of ’33, our oldest living Alum. At 93 years old he is articulate, funny and full of stories. Whether sharing his memories of getting in trouble with the then heads of school, the Eneboes, sledding down the hill to school at its previous location or flying B29 bombers and landing them at Iwo Jima in his twenties, he is amazing. It was a privilege to be there and chat with him and Chris Sonne, Tuxedo Park historian and TPS alum, John Ham, TPS history teacher. It is amazing to witness history in this way!



About Kathleen McNamara Head's Up!

an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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One Response to Our history comes alive…

  1. Kristina Ward says:

    Terrific photos Kathleen!

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