Shanghai, April 2, 2012

This day was pretty spectacular.

Breakfast in our very nice hotel was followed by a trip to the Jade Buddha Temple. We arrived with services happening, and many monks and worshippers we’re among the throngs of visitors. Today and tomorrow are holidays in Shanghai, so in addition to all the visitors to Shanghai, there were also many Chinese people out and about everywhere we went.

A visit to a local silk factory allowed us to see each step of the process of creating Chinese silk products up close. And yes, we shopped.

Many agreed today’s lunch might have been one of the best. We went to a popular spot with the locals, called the Shanghai Club, where we tasted some local specialties including Xiao Long Bao and Dim Sum. The food was amazing.

We then visited the YU Garden and the surrounding shopping areas. The holiday made the streets teem with locals and tourists alike. As we moved to Nanjing Road, again, the people on the streets were overwhelming.

After a nice dinner, some of us went on a cruise to see Shanghai at nit while others found a local spot and played some beach volleyball and watched the city light up from the Bund.

Tomorrow is our last day, which is hard to believe. We are looking forward a final visit to a small village outside the city tomorrow.

And the beat goes on…

About Kathleen McNamara Head's Up!

an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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