Shanghai, April 1,2012

Moving from Xi’An to Shanghai.

The morning was spent moving from Xi’An to Shanghai.
Breakfast, check out, bus to airport, check in to flight, lunch on plane, land and on bus by 2 pm. The 9th graders have maintained their equanimity and are intrepid travelers, taking it all in stride.

First stop in Shanghai was the Bottle Opener building, with the highest observation deck in the world.

Then we had a little time to explore the Bund, the European part of the city that is being restored and in stark contrast to the modern Financial Center.

We had a gat dinner and then went to see a Chinese acrobat show which was really wonderful and very funny. The kids loved it!

Finally we checked in to our very fancy, four star hotel and bedded down for the night.

Tomorrow, Shanghai all day…

It’s hard to believe we have been gone a week already. We are going to savor every last moment.

More later,

I am having trouble uploading photos this time, so none today.








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an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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