NAIS Seattle

Conference highlights…

Bill Gates was a highlight for me. I was surprised how many of my colleagues from schools in various parts of the country were underwhelmed with the Bill Gates keynote. I thought he was right on the money talking about the importance of new technologies in keeping teaching relevant and vital in the lives of students. He also charged Independent Schools with leading the way.

I saw a presentation from Kim Saxe at Nueva who teaches in a K-8 and also works with the Design School at Stanford. Reminds me about having students practice making things, working with their hands to solve a problem, knowing their designs will mostly fail, but that this is an important part of the learning equation.

I thoroughly enjoyed co-presenting to a room full of division heads and assistant heads about leading from the middle. Folks just want to connect and share war stories and test their assumptions and their biases. This work is very important and we will try and expand our presentation into a longer Pre conference workshop for Philly 2013!

I was very pleased to listen to Amy Chua speak. She was sincere, heartfelt and very else effacing about all the tiger mom drama she has lived through in the last year. She did talk about parenting, about her own struggles and about some interesting comparisons she has made between Chinese and western parents. Lots of food for thought… Now I want to read her book.

Reconnecting with EE Ford buddies and new heads colleagues and old old school friends are all also good by products of this event. it’s a great community of people.

Getting ready to travel back east.

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an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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