New Beginnings at TPS

Greetings from the first day of the 112th School Year at Tuxedo Park School. Today we welcomed all new students in our Opening Assembly as we announced the newest members on to the Green and Gold teams. Dating back over sixty years, Green and Gold tradition connects students across grade levels and across the years.

Another part of our Opening Day Assembly was the moment where I let the students know just how much we missed them over the summer and how relieved I was that they had finally arrived. For those of us who work in schools, nothing is real until there are children in the building!

As faculty and staff sat through meetings last week, we had many moments to reflect on gratitude. We talked about gratitude for such a wonderful school and the opportunity to work with such dedicated colleagues. We also reflected on our gratitude for the fact that we were largely spared in both in the recent earthquake that shook Blairhame as well as during hurricane Irene. Sitting at the top of the hill in the Park meant we escaped what could have been much larger issues with flooding in our sweet, historic home. As it was, we took on water in a few different places, but the campus residents worked tirelessly to make sure we kept the damage to a minimum. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Heard, Mr. Ibrahim, Mr. Ham and some Mirza volunteers, our campus was saved from a worse fate. As I said to the faculty last week, all hands were on deck and made for light work. It was a wonderful example of the spirit of TPS.

Welcome back and welcome home. Here’s to a wonderful year filled with examples of hard work, selflessness, and kindness.

About Kathleen McNamara Head's Up!

an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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