Halloween Trick or Halloween Treat?

As a still new head of school, and as one still new to Tuxedo Park School, I pride myself at appearing (and being) relatively unflappable. I can take many things in stride. I understand that there is much to learn both in a new role AND in a new place. So as this fall has unfolded, I have tried to remain measured, calm and balanced in my approach to most things.

The Halloween Blizzard of 2011 has taken me to a new place! Here on campus we had 16 inches of snow, loss of power and many downed trees! We also had visitors from the Bay Area over the weekend who felt it was all a grand adventure. I am happy to report that my snow shoveling muscles still work, and that I will make sure to add a personal chainsaw to my holiday wishlist.

This weekend was all too similar to that of August, both the bad–and the good. On campus, a great group of adults pulled together and made the best of an unusual situation, pooling the food of the campus residents and hunkering down by candle light. Special thanks to the men of O&R who made good on their promise to restore power at 5am. Extra special thanks to Bill Pfiester who met them at 4:15am this morning to make sure it all worked. And we opened school having missed just one day.

It was fortuitous for all of us that the school’s annual Halloween parade played out on the brilliant fall Friday preceding the snow, and as you will see in the attached slideshow, our students put on a show worthy of a Green & Gold competition. Fostering creativity in our students looms large in our priorities, and from what the staff and assembled parents witnessed in the parade, we’re well on our way. May we all be as creative as we come out from under the latest “trick” from Mother Nature.

And the beat goes on…

Click here for a Smilebox slideshow of the TPS Halloween Parade!

About Kathleen McNamara Head's Up!

an educator in Independent Schools for over 28 years
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